Working since 2017

About Green Apple

Green Apple Import and Export Company’s success story begins in Egypt in 2017.

Since that time, the company has introduced a variety of services for importing and exporting Ingredients products, dairies, Wood, Clothes, chemical products, row materials, additives and foodstuff products, Textiles, IT Products.

Now, Green Apple considered as one of the pioneer entities within the Egyptian market in this field.

Our Success didn’t stop at the Egyptian market but we are widely exporting to the Middle East too and all over the Arab World.

The company is a family owned one. Green Apple has grown from a traditional trading company into a modern commercial enterprise with an international perspective.

Being a family owned company, the owners participate actively in the management of the business.

This ensures close communication at all levels and a rapid decision-making process. The result is a flexible and dedicated organization whose tradition as a trading house and international agencies ensures that its focus is always on the customer. We aim to position ourselves as the most reliable leading importer and Exporter for all industries in Egypt.

Our mission

is to serve our customers in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect suppliers and exporters with our markets, customers with ingredients, and people and manufacturers with the supplies they need to thrive. We combine our experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner for all customers in Egypt , Middle East and Africa .

We are driven by a constant passion to change, and we are hopeful by the trust and faith of our customers, we can reach very far ahead and will add more and more products to our profile soon.

Our Vision

Green Apple since established has a main concept to provide quality of all services provided based on one perspective from various parts of the world and a wide range of products from many sources.

Green Apple built the trust of our Customers with an unchallenged level of commitments and quality that we maintain in our services for all sectors we have dealt with which always stand in the benefit of our customers, We work with well recognized suppliers from all over the world for some of which we are sole agents and the exclusive authorized distributors.

Our wide network all over the world for the outsourcing of the right products combined with years of expertise keeps us many steps ahead of all other traders in the region.

We also serve our customers, offering a broad portfolio .