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A- Clothing

The company has imported clothes from Turkey and China and sold them in the local market in several provinces and distributed wholesale.

B- Chemicals

The company has imported chemical materials and sold them to some factories in Badr City, as well as these materials are used in drilling oil wells and are imported from China.

C- Dry batteries

The company has imported various dry batteries from Korea brand Hankook and sold them to some companies that distribute them throughout the Republic.

D- Food stuffs

The company imports fish and shrimp from the UAE and sells them to two companies in Cairo.



A- Wood supply

The company has supplied wood to several factories in the snake crack to be used in the export of its products, as well as it has supplied wood to some companies that manufacture it and convert it into manufactured wooden products such as Wood & Plex.

B- Supply of raw materials

The company supplies raw materials such as (powdered milk – palm oil – whey – cocoa oil – butter substitute) to manufacturers of the confectionery industry exported abroad to many countries.

C- Textile

The company deals with textile companies and supplies yoke threads and fibers for the textile industry.

D-  Chemicals and Agricultural fertilizers

The company deals with major Egyptian companies that produce agricultural fertilizers and chemicals.

What we do

Our Services

Green Apple Technologies :

  • Distribution of Technological Devices (POS, EMV, Kiosks and ATM machines) imported by Green Apple .
  • providing systems development, with a wide range of solutions that serves many industries like finance, education, economy, oil and gas, banking sector and many more. 
  • Building a relationship with customers for future activities.
  • Opening new channels and opportunities .
  • Provide partnerships with the worldwide technological corporate like:

  DELL EMC, HP, Lenovo, CISCO,….etc.